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  Xidi Travel Lodge Receives Award of Excellence
29 May 2015 Hong Kong – For the first time, Xidi Travel Lodge is presented the Award of Excellence 2014 by Booking.com, a global online travel site. This yearly award is given to merchants in recognition of their excellent hospitality and outstanding performance in their regions based on the comments and rating by visitors from around the world. The Award has become a benchmark for global operators in the hospitality industry to strive for better service quality. To be awarded, a merchant has to gain an overall rating of at least eight out of ten and a total of 10 reviews from visitors.   
Xidi Travel Lodge is honoured to receive this accolade, which recognizes the service quality provided by the hotel team. The Lodge will strive to provide quality service to visitors from around the globe and show them the cozy and natural scenery of Xidi, which is rich in cultural ambience, while bringing to them a unique accommodation experience.
About Xidi Travel Lodge
Xidi Travel Lodge is located at the Xidi Village, UNESCO World Heritage famed for peach blossom and known as one of the well-preserved hamlets of its kind in China.   

Xidi Travel Lodge is a cultural property which was transformed from several southern Anhui residential homes.  It consists of six independent units that capture different local architectural styles combining the south China traditional green garden landscape.  The Lodge has preserved its traditional Ancestral Halls, Commemorative Arch, “horse head” walls and built with the state-green shingle to retain the accent of southern Anhui architecture and complete your cultural experiences. When you enter the Xidi Travel Lodge, the living museum of Ming/Qing residential houses, you will soak up the cultural aura of southern Anhui.

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