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  First Overseas Charter Flight B757 Visits Kashgar

28 April 2015 Hong Kong – Silk Road Travel Management Limited is honoured to have received a group of international chief executives who travelled to China on charter flight in early April.  Being the first overseas B757 charter flight visiting Kashgar, we successfully assisted the group in applying for the landing permit of the charter flight in Kashgar, Xinjiang.
The group of 70 delegates set off for an 11 days Silk Road journey, travelling to many renowned Silk Road cities including Samarkand in Uzbekistan, Xian, Dunhuang, Urumqi, Turpan and Kashgar in China.  With the support of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People’s Government and the Xinjiang Tourism Administration, the visit to Kashgar on charter flight was a successful one.  This not only has turned a new page to Kasghar’s tourism industry, but also showcasing to the world China’s “One Belt and One Road” economic strategy.  
We look forward to receiving more overseas charter flight groups who come to visit China and Central Asia to experience up-close the rich culture of the Silk Road.  

About Silk Road Travel Management Limited
Silk Road Travel Management Limited (Silk Road Travel) has been devoting itself to the development of cultural and leisure tours along the ancient Silk Road and other parts of China since 1997.  We are a pioneer in organizing Silk Road tours in Hong Kong.  We have endeavoured in exploring the tour destinations that are rich in historic and cultural flavour along the Silk Road and throughout China.  Our cultural tour programmes are specially designed for travellers to understand the profound Chinese history and the amazing cultural heritage, and to experience the unique customs and lifestyle of different destinations.

With 18 years of professional experience in organizing cultural tours in China and along the Silk Road, we are the preferred travel planner for those seeking a memorable and culturally inclined holiday with well-arranged itineraries, special cultural events and experienced local guides. Whether it is a small group, a corporate group or a theme tour, our dedicated services and customized itineraries will bring you a memorable and an enlightening vacation. 
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