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23 March 2017, Hong Kong
– Officially known as the Republic of Kazakhstan, the country is located between two different regions of Eurasia – Central Asia and Siberia.  Kazakhstan has a long and fascinating history, with ancient settlements dating back to the Stone Age.  It is believed that the first steppe nomads emerged from here.  This may shed light on how Kazakhstan has become famous for breeding world-renowned horses and that on the formation of nomadic civilizations.  With its strategic location, Kazakhstan was once an important gateway along the Silk Road and it played a vital role in fostering cultural exchange between the east and west.

The spotlight is on Kazakhstan this year as its capital, Astana, is the host city of Expo 2017, with the theme of “Future Energy”.  Previously called Akmola, literally means "a white grave", the young capital was renamed to Astana in 1998, meaning “capital” in Kazakh.  With the Expo 2017 approaching, Astana is gearing up to welcome the world by its old and new!

Almaty, the former capital, is the largest city in Kazakhstan.  Literally means “City of Apples”, Almaty is a blend of beautiful natural sceneries and modern infrastructure.  It is still a business hub in Kazakhstan. 

Despite being the ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan remains, for many people, an unknown and enigmatic place. There is no better way to unveil this fabled Silk Road country than travelling! Silk Road Travel’s 8-day Kazakhstan tour will bring you to Almaty and Astana, with highlights on the visits to the Expo 2017 venues to explore future energy and the ancient Silk Road village.  For equestrian lovers, don’t miss out our signature 8 Days Equestrian Tour which includes an exclusive visit to a stud farm and unique equestrian activities.  Join Silk Road Travel to explore the mysterious Kazakhstan!

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