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  Pingjiang Lodge Awarded the Best View Hotel in Suzhou
Pingjiang Lodge awarded the Best View Hotel in Suzhou from Dianping.com, a Chinese website which provides travellers’ reviews on restaurants and hotels in China. Based on reviews from travellers, Dianping.com shortlisted ten hotels which have beautiful sceneries in the vicinity and the décor reflects its unique cultural style. Pingjiang Lodge is honoured to become one of the hotels being awarded Best View Hotel in Suzhou.

Located at Pingjiang Road Historical Block, Pingjiang Lodge allows easy access to major sightseeing spots such as Guan Qian Street, UNESCO Heritage sites including Lion Grove Garden, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Master-of-Nets Garden, and Surging Waves Pavilion, etc.; about 15 minutes’ walk from the Lodge. Visitors can also take a boat ride on the Pingjiang River to enjoy the scenery of traditional architectures on the river shore and experience the landscape “small bridges, flowing streams, and residences” of Suzhou.

Pingjiang Lodge was transformed from the big residences of two prominent families in the Ming Dynasty: the Fang and Dong families. The Lodge preserves some historical relics of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Republic of China period and Cultural Revolution in the 1960s. At Pingjiang Lodge, guests can explore up-close the history and culture of Suzhou. The Lodge’s classical courtyards and gardens blend in harmoniously with the general landscape in Suzhou.

Pingjiang Lodge is honoured to be recognized as the Best View Hotel. As a part of Suzhou, we are devoted to passing the cultural values and heritage of Suzhou to our future generations through providing a truly cultural accommodation experience.

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