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  Silk Road Travel Receives Award Travel Ambassador Of The Silk Road from Hong Kong SME Forum
Silk Road Travel Management Ltd (Silk Road Travel) is honoured to be awarded Travel Ambassador of the Silk Road from Hong Kong SME Forum. The award recognizes a company’s contribution to the development and promotion of Silk Road in the travel industry.

Hong Kong SME Forum aims at striving for the interest for all small and medium enterprises in Hong Kong, and organizing different forums and symposiums for SMEs to understand the new business trend and hence to find more business opportunities over the world. The award Travel Ambassador of the Silk Road is presented to Silk Road Travel in appreciation of our effort on promoting cultural tourism along the ancient Silk Road in the past two decades. We are honoured to receive this accolade, which has a special meaning to us as 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Silk Road Travel. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our guests and business partners for their continuous support to us in the past 20 years.

We take pride in being at the forefront in the cultivation of new cultural tour programmes and developing unique activities to add value to our range of products and services. We are dedicated to offering a truly cultural experience to our guests who are in fact culturati. We believe that guests will get to know more about the Silk Road by exploring and experiencing the diverse ethnic cultures on this ancient trade route.

With 20 years of professional experience in organizing cultural tours, we are the preferred travel planner for those seeking a memorable and culturally inclined holiday with well-arranged itineraries, special cultural events and experienced local guides. Whether it is a small group, a corporate group or a theme tour, our dedicated services and customized itineraries will bring you a memorable and an enlightening vacation.

Silk Road Travel will accelerate for the best and design more customer-oriented and unique cultural tours for our guests!
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