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  The 3rd Xinjiang International Special Tourism Cultural Festival Kicks off

[29-9-2012]  The 3rd Xinjiang International Special Tourism Culture Festival will kick off from 1 October to 6 October this year in southern Xinjiang, organized by the Tourism Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The highlight of the festival goes to the thrilling large-scale event of driving across the desert Thousands of cars and millions of people crossing the Taklimakan desert”, when hundreds of self-drive travelers challenge one of the world's largest shifting-sand desert - the Taklimakan Desert hinterland, bringing an unforgettable desert experience to all participants. The event will start off from Urumqi, passing through several natural landscapes such as Salt Lake and Tianshan, as well as the city of Hami, Turpan and other towns, then back to Urumqi lastly.  There will be different theme activities like Ruoqiang dance performance,bonfire party and Wish Lantern event along the driving route.

Recently, special interest tourism is shaping a new travel trend in China. Xinjiang embraces peculiar tourism resources, invincible geographical advantages and the legacy of ancient Silk Road. The pervasion of special interest tourism events will help boost the popularity of Xinjiang to the international tourism market, attracting more overseas travelers to come and appreciate the unique natural and cultural assets of Xinjiang.

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