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  Jiuzhaigou – a Winter Wonderland

[6-11-2012]  Jiuzhaigou in winter is sheer mysterious, tranquil and poetic.  It is a peaceful ice and snow world.  Pines and mountains become snowy. The waterfalls conceal their majestic nature exhibited in summer and turn into natural ice sculptures, glittering in the presence of sunlight. Changhai Lake is dressed in winter array with its surface completely frozen, resembling a clear reflective mirror for the mountains. Walking on the frozen Changhai Lake and Panda Sea, you will take a closer look at the diverse ice pattern on the turquoise glacier.

Come and be enchanted by the beauty and pureness of Jiuzhaigou this winter, where you can indulge yourself in the icy waterfalls, silver frozen lakes and snow-capped mountains that make it a perfect winter getaway from the bustling city life!


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