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  Qomolangma Train to Tibet will be Launched in June 2013

[1-2-2013] In order to boost tourism in Tibet, the Tibet Tourism Bureau announced that a new tourist railroad, Qomolangma Train, between Lhasa and Xining will be in service every four days from June to the mid-October 2013.

According to Xinhuanet, the Qomolangma Train, operated by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company, is an oxygenic train that will run across the plateau. It can accommodate up to 600 passengers. The cabins are spacious; the hard and soft sleepers are comfortable. To provide an attentive and value-added service to the tourists traveling to Tibet, there will be professional tour guides introducing to passengers the tourist attractions throughout the journey.  Doctors will also stand by on the train to provide free check-up for the passengers. 

The number of tourist arrivals in Tibet reached 11 million last year, accounting for about 132 billion Chinese Yuan tourism income.  A survey shows that most of the tourists are satisfied with the environment of Tibet and the quality of tourist services, while about 70 per cent of respondents have expressed interest in revisiting Tibet.  With the Tibet Tourism Bureau elaborately boosting the tourist reception capacity of Tibet, coupled with the coming Qomolangma Train service, the number of tourists traveling to Tibet is expected to increase steadily in the near future.

 [Source: Xinhuanet]  

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