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  Xining Ranks 13th of China’s Summer Escape City
With the temperatures in the “hotpot cities” in China soaring, many tourists would seek a summer escape when it comes to traveling to China. Recently, the Qinghai Tourism Board has been informed by the related national authorities that Xining ranks the 13th of the “China Summer Escape Tourist Cities” among 60 major tourist cities in China for the month of July. This explains why there are some local people and tourists wearing long-sleeves in Xining during summer time. The ranking was based on four factors: climate, sightseeing spots, tourists’ satisfactory level and the overall travel risk. 
Located on the northeastern part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Xining is the provincial capital of Qinghai. It is the hub of politics, culture, economy and transportation. Xining sits astride the main route to the hinterland of Qinghai and Tibet.  Xining city is about 2,261 metres above sea level, a typical example of a plateau city dubbed as “Summer Capital” in China.

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