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  Geoparks in China inscribed on UNESCO Global Geoparks Network

[18-10-2013] Two Geoparks in China, Yanqing Global Geopark in Beijing and Shennongjia Global Geopark in Hubei, have recently been inscribed on the Global Geoparks Network during the 3rd Asia-Pacific Geoparks Network Jeju Symposium held by Global Geoparks Network Bureau of UNESCO in South Korea, bringing the total number of Global Geoparks in China to 29. Global Geoparks are geological heritage sites possessing characteristic landscape features that serve to blend with other cultural heritages nearby and promote the knowledge of geology as well as sustainable economic development through education and eco-tours.

Yanqing Global Geopark is situated in the Yanqing County, Beijing. Dominated by the Mesozoic Yanshanian movement-related geoheritage, Yanqing Geopark is composed of four scenic areas: Longqingxia Scenic Area, Qianjiadian Scenic Area, Guyaju Scenic Area, and Badaling Scenic Area. It is a comprehensive geopark formed on the basis of Precambrian marine carbonate, and possessing distinctive characteristics including sediment, ancient organisms, magmatic geoheritage and karst landforms of North China. Shennongjia Global Geopark lies in the southwestern part of Shennongjia, Hubei Province. It comprises five scenic areas, namely Shennong Peak Scenic Area, Dajiuhu Scenic Area, Apus Scenic Area, Guanmenshan Scenic Area and Laojunshan Scenic Area. Being a typical ecological-integrated geopark, Shennongjia Global Geopark owns a range of geographical landforms such as canyons and waterfalls, and a considerable amount of valuable endangered species.

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