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  Restoring Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall in Beijing Botanical Garden

[12-11-2013] The Former Residence of Cao Xueqin, situated in the Village of Yellow Leaves in Beijing, is now the only place that documents the daily life of Cao, the great Chinese novelist in the Qing Dynasty.  With the Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall as the centre, Beijing Botanical Garden plans to rebuild the Former Residence of Cao Xueqin at Xishan to a museum next year in order to record the banner system of the Qing Dynasty and the Redology, a study of the famous novel Dream of the Red Chamber written by Cao.

The Former Residence of Cao Xueqin at Xishan is considered to be a gorgeous land of peach blossom. The coming rehabilitation project will be based on historical elements, aiming to restore the initial environment of the residence and restate the daily life of Cao. Besides, the Botanical Garden intends to bring the flowers depicted in Dream of the Red Chamber to life, so that the visitors can immerse themselves into the epic ambience created in the novel.

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