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  “Changan Train” to Connect the Silk Road from the East to the West
[2014-08-14] The Silk Road has successfully been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the first multi-national project that brought in cooperation across countries. With the number of tourists travelling to the Silk Road soaring, the Changan Train, a special tourist train launched in the late June and travels along the Silk Road, has become a popular mode of transportation for tourists. 

Tentatively, the Changan Train, which accommodates up to 666 tourists at a time, will run 8 to 10 times every year.  It sets out from Xian and travels to a number of destinations along the Chinese part of the Silk Road such as Dunhuang, Urumqi and Tupan.  During the 11-day trip, the train passes through a series of major scenic spots including Mogao Caves, Mingsha Sand Dunes, Crescent Moon Spring, Grape Valley, and Kanas Lake, etc.  To offer tourists an opportunity to enjoy the history, beautiful natural scenery and unique culture along the Silk Road, the train stops at stations close to the famous scenic spots, from where tourists can take air-conditioned tourist buses to the scenic spots and return to the train after sightseeing. There are a doctor and technicians travelling together on the train, allowing tourists to enjoy the journey hassle-free.

Currently, the Changan Train runs along the Silk Road in China.  With close cooperation with its neighbouring countries, it is expected that the train will be extended to the western part of the Silk Road in the future. 
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