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  Guizhou-Guangzhou High-speed Railway to be in Service by 2014

[2014-09-17] Guizhou-Guangzhou high-speed railway will come into service by the end of the year.  As a significant route connecting Southwest China and Pearl River Delta economic zone, Guizhou-Guangzhou high-speed railway will run through 3 provinces namely Guizhou, Guangxi and Guangdong. The railway stretches 857 km and runs at a speed of 250 km per hour.  It only takes 4 hours from Guiyang to Guangzhou and 2 hours from Guilin to Guangzhou, shortening the travel time between the respective cities substantially.  The train stations of the Guizhou-Guangzhou high-speed railway are specially designed to blend in modern architecture with cultural elements of Guizhou.  Besides, the railway will pass by the regions with different ethnic minority groups, such as Miao, Zhuang and Yao, allowing travellers to experience the fabulous local customs and cultures when travelling on the Guizhou-Guangzhou high-speed railway.


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