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  The National Museum of Classic Books was opened

[2014-10-06] The National Museum of Classic Books (NMCB); the first museum of precious ancient books in China, was officially opened to mark the 105th anniversary of National Library of China in Beijing (NLC) on September 9.  NMCB is located at the south area of NLC in Beijing.  The total area of the museum is about 10,000 square meters with nine exhibition halls.  NMCB aims at promoting Chinese culture by presenting Chinese precious literatures.
“The Series Exhibitions of Special and Rare Collections of the National Library of China”, the first exhibition in NMCB, displays valuable historical relics such as oracle bones of 3,000 years ago, stones and bronzes rubbings, the four special collections of the NLC, namely Dunhuang Manuscripts, the Yongle Encyclopedia, the Zhaocheng Tripitaka of the Jin Dynasty, and the Complete Library of the Four Branches of Literature; Celebrities' manuscripts like Zizhi Tongjian from the famous literary authour Guang Sima; Mengxi Bitan, block-printed edition from the Yuan Dynasty, rare books of Chinese ethnic minorities and ancient literature of Chinese history.
There are different interactive sections at the exhibition, specially designed with new digitalization and animation technology to present Chinese culture in a lively way and to change the traditional perception that visiting museum is tedious.

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