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  New Arrangement for Dunhuang Mogao Caves Visitors

[2014-11-20] Experts from Dunhuang Academy indicated that the large number of tourists in the caves will damage the relics, which are mainly murals, as the carbon dioxide inside the caves increases and the temperature rises. They estimated that the maximum number of tourist for visiting Mogao Caves should be 3,000 per day. However, by adopting a crowd-control method to manage the flow of tourists, the quota can be increased to 6,000. To visit the Mogao Caves, tourists now have to make a reservation at the website of the Dunhuang Academy 7 to 15 days in advance. To further reduce the carbon dioxide, academy docents will not do explanations inside the caves.

Before visiting the caves up-close, tourists will be arranged to watch two high resolution movies about Dunhuang and Mogao Caves, giving tourists an insight into the caves. Then they will visit the caves and the tour will be shortened from two hours to 75 minutes. By controlling the number of visitors and shortening the tour, it is expected that the murals and sculptures of the Mogao Caves can be preserved for sustainable tourism.

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