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  Grand Opening of Mysterious Life Museum in Zhouzhuang

[2014-12-11] On 1 October, the museum which is about the exploration of mysterious life opened in Zhouzhuang, the most famous water town in Jiangsu Province, China. More than 1,000 specimens are on display in the museum. Visitors can explore the mysterious life and Mother Nature up close.

The museum consists of three floors with different themes, namely The Soul of the Ocean, The Kingdom of Vertebrates, and The World of Human Bodies. The Soul of the Ocean features huge specimens of marine animals, including a six-metre long whale shark and the first plasticized polar bear. The Kingdom of Vertebrates displays the amazing evolution of land animals. The World of Human Bodies presents specimens of human bodies, detailing muscle and blood vessels.

The 1,000 specimens are made with the use of the Plastination technique, a modern specimen-making technology that can preserve the original shape and appearance of a living thing for a long period of time. With this technology, the cell structure of the specimen can also be seen under a microscope, allowing visitors to truly unveil the mystery of life.

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