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  The end of the “Two Yuan Age” of Beijing Subway

[2015-04-29] Due to the launch of four new subway lines in Beijing, there is a fare adjustment for all public transports in Beijing, which leads to the end of the “Two Yuan Age” of Beijing Subway.

Beijing Subway has started the operation of several new rail lines, including the 6th, 7th, East segment of 14th and West segment of 15th lines. After the launch of these new rail lines, the railway network will cover another 62 km in Beijing, totaling 527 km. It is estimated that the carrying capacity will be over 12 million passengers per day during peak season. To ease the enormous passenger capacity, Beijing Subway will promote a fare discount during non-peak hours in different stations at the end of 2015.

In the past 7 years, Beijing citizens could travel round Beijing by public transport with only 2 Chinese Yuan, due to subsidies from the Beijing Finance Department. However, the subsidies soared from 13.5 billion Chinese Yuan in 2010 to 20 billion Chinese Yuan in 2014. It is estimated that there will be a further increase in the government expenditure if the government continues to subsidize the four new subway lines. Therefore, under the new subway fare scheme, it costs 3 Chinese Yuan for a ride within 6 km and the fare increases according to the traveling distance. For public buses, it costs 2 Chinese Yuan for a ride of 10 km and increases 1 Chinese Yuan for every subsequent 5 km.

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