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  Pingjiang Road Historical Block & Tunxi Old Street named Historic and Cultural Streets and Districts of China
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and State Administration of Cultural Heritage jointly announced the first batch of 30 Historic and Cultural Streets and Districts of China in late April. Pingjiang Road Historical Block in Jiangsu Province and Tunxi Old Street in Anhui Province are inducted into the list.

Pingjiang Road was also awarded the Historic and Cultural Street and Districts of China by Cultural Daily earlier. Located in the heart of the old city, Pingjiang Road is the best preserved and largest scale historical street in the area. With a history of 800 years, Pingjiang road still maintains its street layout and characteristics in ancient forms. It creates Suzhou a classical Jiangnian water village where stone paths and water lanes are crossing each other. Cultural hotel Pingjiang Lodge located in Pingjiang District Historical Block, filled with the special charms of cultural characteristics, tourists can enjoy the Jiangsu cultural ambience there. They can also take a boat ride in Pingjiang river to enjoy the pristine view of old houses along the river, creating the epic scene of “small bridges, flowing waters, residences”.

Tunxi Old Street is located in the centre of Tunxi District in Huangshan, the only one street inducted into the first batch of 30 Historic and Cultural Streets and Districts of China in Anhui Province. In ancient times, Tunxi was the main sea and overland transportation hub, making it a commercial center of the region. It was regarded as the living “Riverside Scene at the Qingming Festival”, a famous painting in China. The shops which flank the street still preserve the special operational layout – the front part of the shop for business while the back for living. Located at Tunxi Old Street, Tunxi Lodge still maintains the traditional architectural characteristics with whitewashed walls and small green tiles. You can enjoy the hustle and bustle atmosphere in Tunxi Old Street on your doorstep. Pingjiang Road and Tunxi Old Street will further enhance their infrastructure and environment to revitalize the areas and preserve the pristine scenery of the ancient streets.

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