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  The Palace Museum expands area to exhibit more treasures.

[2016-12-15] The Palace Museum in Beijing announced that there will be an expansion of the exhibition space to showcase more treasures to the public.

With an area of 150 thousand square meters, The Palace Museum is the largest architecture in ancient palatial structure in the world. The Palace Museum has more than 1.6 million sets of exhibits. Curator of the Museum Shan Jixiang claimed that currently, there is only about 0.5% of items being displayed though there are already about 70 exhibitions every year. In order to showcase more treasures from different Chinese dynasties to visitors, the Museum plans to build a new exhibition hall in northern Beijing.

The Palace Museum attracts over 80,000 visitors every day. It is believed that the new exhibition hall will help to share the number of visitors. About 25 km from The Palace Museum and near the Summer Palace in northern Beijing, the first phase of construction of the new exhibition hall will account for an area of 125 thousand square meters.
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