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  About Us - Silk Road Travel Management Ltd

Silk Road Travel Management Ltd (Licence No.: 352017) (Silk Road Travel) has been devoting itself to the development of cultural and leisure tours along the ancient Silk Road and other parts of China since 1997.  We are a pioneer in organizing Silk Road tours in Hong Kong.  We have endeavoured in exploring the tour destinations that are rich in historic and cultural flavour along the Silk Road and throughout China.  Our cultural tour programmes are specially designed for travellers to explore the profound history and the amazing cultural heritage of the ancient Silk Road, and to experience the unique customs and lifestyle of different destinations.

We take pride in being at the forefront in the cultivation of new tour programmes and developing unique activities to add value to our range of products and services.  With our carefully planned itineraries complemented with the delivery of reliable, comfortable, top-notch quality and attentive service, your journey will be filled with the visits to the must-sees and experience of diverse ethnic cultures, arts and history of the destination.

With 20 years of professional experience in organizing cultural tours, we are the preferred travel planner for those seeking a memorable and culturally inclined holiday with well-arranged itineraries, special cultural events and experienced local guides. Whether it is a small group, a corporate group or a theme tour, our dedicated services and customized itineraries will bring you a memorable and an enlightening vacation. 

Silk Road Travel Management Ltd is a member of the following associations: 

  • Hong Kong Association of China Travel Organizers (HACTO)
  • Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC)
  • Hong Kong Outbound Tour Operator's Association
  • Hong Kong Travel Agent Owners Association
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