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  About Us - Silk Road Hotel Management Co Ltd


Modernization and globalization inevitably demolish the old for new.  In other words, some historical buildings and properties will eventually vanish if we do not preserve them.    Through acquisition of these invaluable historical properties and transforming them into culture hotels, we preserve their authenticity and cultural aura, allowing our future generations to appreciate the history, lifestyle, and arts and crafts of the local people.

Silk Road Hotel Management Company Limited aims to offer culture lovers a memorable stay at the hotels that have character and soul.  The brand “Culture Hotel” was established in 1995.  Our flagship Culture Hotel, The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel, is a showcase property built against the backdrop of the rolling sand dunes in Dunhuang, China.  It is in spectacular Han and Tang architectural style. 

Besides managing our own hotel property, we strive to explore unique Culture Hotels that capture the cultural spirit of the destination by combining conventional hotel services with elements from our cultural heritage in different places.  Culture Hotels take in the best of regional culture, from the past to the present, to offer guests an enriching and enlightening stay.


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