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  Culture Tour & Package - Theme Tours - 10 Days Xinjiang & Guangzhou (CZ)

Theme Tours

Culture is intangible but it can be experienced through travel.  Culture varies with places and ethnic groups, forming a diverse culture in a country or city.  Our Theme Tours are based on cultural themes which will lead you to the cities rich in history and local characteristics, and to experience the authentic local culture in China.  Theme Tours include:

-    Legend of the Good Earth
-    Silk Road
-    Desert
-    Tibetan-Buddhism
-    Islam
-    Grassland
-    Highland
-    Manchu


Cultural Theme Destination  Information
 Legend of the Good Earth  PDF
 Silk Road  PDF
 Desert  PDF
 Tibetan Buddhism  PDF
 Islam  PDF
 Grassland  PDF
 Highland  PDF
 Tang Dynasty PDF
 Manchu  PDF

  • 1. Hong Kong / Shenzhen                               Direct ferry
    Shenzhen / Urumqi                                      Approx. 5 hours flight

    Take a ferry to the Shenzhen Fu Yong Ferry Pier to connect the airport shuttle bus to the Shenzhen Airport. Take a flight to Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
    Accommodation at the Hoi Tak Hotel or similar

    2. Urumqi / Kashgar                                         Approx. 1.5 hours flight
    Start with a boat ride around the Heavenly Lake which is surrounded by alpine meadows and rugged snow-capped mountains densely covered in fir, pine and cypress. Visit the Xinjiang Regional Museum with exhibits on archaeological treasures from the Silk Road including 3000-year-old mummies and the Bazaar. After dinner, take a flight to Kashgar.
    Accommodation at the Seman Hotel or similar

    3. Kashgar
    Full day tour to the Karakuli Lake, a pristine spot 196 kilometres from Kashgar. Horses, yaks and camels graze on the rich pasturage. Return to Kashgar.
    Accommodation at the Seman Hotel or similar

    4. Kashgar / Urumqi                                       Approx. 1.5 hours flight
    Look for your favourite souvenirs or items in the Bazaar which is the focus activity in Kashgar. Visit Abakh Hoja's Tomb (Fragrant Concubine of Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong), Aidakh Mosque and a Uygur family.
    Accommodation at the Hoi Tak Hotel or similar

    5. Urumqi / Turpan
    Travel to Turpan, visit the Ancient City of Jiaohe, a mysterious historical site; the Karez, an amazing irrigation system which made Turpan a rich oasis; and the Emin Minaret, a typical Uygur architecture. Enjoy a Uygur dance performance after dinner.
    Accommodation at the Tu Ha Petroleum Hotel or similar


    6. Turpan / Hami 
    Drive past the Flaming Mountain, made famous by the story of the Monkey King, to the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. Take the donkey cart ride around the Ancient City of Gaochang which contains traces of Nestorian, Christian, Persian and Manichean influences.  Drive to Hami.
    Accommodation at the Jiageda Guesthouse or similar

    7. Hami
    Hami is a rich agricultural oasis growing more than 30 types of delicious, crisp and fragrant Hami melons. Visit the Tombs of the Hami Kings; the Gai Si's Tomb, the holy tomb dedicated to the memory of Gai Si, one of the three Muslim missionaries believed to have come from the Middle East during the 7th century; and the Hami Cultural Office Museum with exhibits of the corpses and other finds from the 3000-year-old graves excavated at Wupu.
    Accommodation at the Jiageda Guesthouse or similar

    8. Hami / Urumqi
    Return to Urumqi.
    Accommodation at the Hoi Tak Hotel or similar

    9. Urumqi / Guangzhou                                   Approx. 5 hours flight
    Arrival to Guangzhou - the capital of Guangdong Province. Visit the Huaisheng Mosque, meaning 'Remember the Sage', in memory of the prophet. The original mosque is said to be the first Islamic building in China, built by the first Muslim missionary to China in AD627. Onward to the Chen Clan Academy, a family shrine housed in a large compound, with nice stone carvings and sculptures.
    Accommodation at the China Hotel or similar

    10. Guangzhou / Hong Kong                             Direct train
    Transfer to the Guangzhou Station for a train ride back to Hong Kong
    Islam - 10 Days Xinjiang & Guangzhou (CZ)
    Heavenly Lake, which is surrounded by alpine meadows and rugged snow-capped mountains densely covered in fir, pine and cypress.
    Xinjiang Regional Museum, which exhibits on archaeological treasures from the Silk Road including 3000-year-old mummies
    Visit the Bazaar
    Karakuli Lake, a pristine spot 196 kilometres from Kashgar
    Visit the famous Sunday Bazaar which is a big open market in Kashgar
    Aidakh Mosque, the largest mosque in Xinjiang
    Visit a Uygur family
    Karez Well, an amazing irrigation system that made Turpan a rich oasis
    Ancient City of Jiaohe, with a history of over 2,000 years
    Uygur dance performance
    - Flaming Mountains, made famous by the story of the Monkey King
    Ancient City of Gaochang, traces of bygone era
    Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, a complex of Buddhist grottoes dating from the 5th to the 9th centuries
    Tombs of the Hami Kings, the magnificent and solemn architecture is the largest in Hami area
    Gai Si's Tomb, which blends traditional Uygur and Chinese architectural style
    Huaisheng Mosque, with a history of over 1,300 years

  • 10 Days Xinjiang & Guangzhou

    Hong Kong
    Hong Kong
    Everyday, May - Oct

    2 – 5 persons:
    from HK$20,120
    Single room supplement: from HK$3,120
    6 – 9 persons:
    from HK$16,480
    Single room supplement: from HK$3,120
    10 persons or above:
    from HK$13,380
    Single room supplement: from HK$2,880
    Price Includes:
    1.     Sightseeing tour as indicated in the itinerary.
    2.     Domestic flights (economy class) as indicated in the itinerary.
    3.     Transfer to the sightseeing spots.
    4.     All accommodations, based on double-occupancy.
    5.     All admission fees and activity expenses as indicated in the itinerary.
    6.     Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
    7.     Mandarin/ English speaking guide in each destination.
    8.     Group insurance is covered with max. HKD300,000 for the accidental death or permanent total disablement (Blue Cross Group Holiday Insurance Plan 2005 - Plan B).
    Price excludes:
    1.     International air ticket to the starting destination and from the ending destination.
    2.     All airport tax, security & fuel surcharges, custom, aviation insurance tax and excess baggage fee.
    3.     Travelling document and entry visa to China/all countries.
    4.     Meals not stated in the itinerary and alcoholic or imported beverages during meals.
    5.     Transfers to the starting and from the ending points of the tour.
    6.     Personal expenses such as laundry, phone call, mini bar consumption, beverage, medical care, porterage service at hotel and airport, optional tours and other services which are not specified in the itinerary.
    7.     Excursions and admissions to sites not included in your itinerary.
    8.     Personal travel insurance - as advised by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC), tour participants are recommended to purchase a travel insurance policy which covers at least emergency evacuation, death and disability before tour departure. Please consult the travel agency at which you booked the tour.
    9.     All expenses incurred by the tour member who extends his/her stay such as hotel accommodation, all local transfer, porterage service at hotel / airport and air ticket surcharge for extended stay or upgrade.
    10.   Porterage fee for staff from airport, hotel or other transports.
    11.   In the case of unexpected incidents such as typhoons, rainstorms, flight delay/cancel, natural disasters, political unrest or epidemic, the Company shall not be responsible for any additional costs such as hotel accommodation, transportation fees, long distance telephone charges, meal, etc., as a result from the incidents mentioned above.
    12.   Discretionary gratuities for local guides and drivers and tour escort.
    1.     Customized itineraries can be arranged as per your budget and preference.
    2.     This tour is arranged to start and end in China.
    3.     Child under 12 years old and share the room with parents will be charged 85% of the tour price.
    4.     Please refer to "Tour Terms and Conditions" for reference.
    5.     All fares are for reference only and are subject to change.
    6.     The above itinerary is for reference only and subject to change. We reserve the right to change the itinerary without prior notice.

    Tour Terms and Conditions
    Reservation and Payment
    1.       Please contact Silk Road Travel Management Limited by email travel@the-silk-road.com or call (+852) 2736 8000 to make a reservation. A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the tour price per person together with a booking form will be required. Our travel consultant will contact you for payment arrangement.
    2.       Balance payment has to be made at least 30 days prior to tour departure or Silk Road Travel Management Ltd reserves the right to cancel the tour without prior notice.
    3.       Full payment has to be made within 24 hours for any booking received 30 days before departure.
    4.       Payment can be made through bank transfer / remittance payable to SILK ROAD TRAVEL MANAGEMENT LTD.
    5.       Booking will be cancelled if failed to comply with above payment condition.
    Travel Document/ Visa
    1.       Client must ensure his or her passport/ travel document have at least six months validity from the return date.
    2.       Client must hold a valid entry visa.
    3.       The Company is not liable for any problem arises from personal travel document issue.
    Cancellations and Refund
    1.       After reservation, for cancellation received 30 days before departure, the deposit will be forfeited but the balance paid will be returned.
    2.       For cancellations received 29 and 8 days before departure, 30% of the tour cost will be charged.
    3.       For cancellations received within 7 days of departure, 80% of the tour cost will be charged.
    4.       Full charge will apply for any cancellation received within 24 hours before departure or unused portion.
    5.       All deposits and payments are non- transferrable.
    6.       After tour confirmation, if a tour member wants to change the departure day, transportation, accommodations, tours, or transfer the tour to a third party, the Company shall consider it as a cancellation of the entire tour and a cancellation charge will be levied on the tour member.
    7.       No refund will be made for any unused portion of the tour.
    1. The Silk Road Travel Management Ltd. (the Company), and their Travel Agents have arranged for these services to be performed under the responsibility of various contractors. The Company and / or these agent partners therefore act only as agents for the hotels, airlines, car companies, or other services and all coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets issued by the Company is subject to any and all tariffs terms and conditions under which any accommodation, transportation or any other services whatsoever are provided by such hotels, airlines, car companies, or owners or contractors and by the acceptance of such coupons, exchange orders, receipts, contracts and tickets the package participants agree to the foregoing and so agreed that neither Company nor any parent, subsidiary nor affiliate companies will be or become liable or responsible for any loss, injury or damage to person, property or otherwise, whether due to its or their negligence or otherwise in connection with any accommodation, transportation, or other services or resulting, directly or indirectly from acts of god, dangers incident to the sea, fire, breakdown in machinery or equipment, acts of government or other authorities, hostilities, civil disturbances, strikes, riots, thefts, fire rages, epidemics, quarantines, medical or customs regulation, delays or cancellations of or changes in itinerary or schedules, or from any causes beyond the Company's control, or for loss or damage resulting from improper or insufficient passport validity, visas or other documents and that neither the Company nor any parent, subsidiary or affiliate companies will be or become liable or responsible for any additional expense or liability sustained or incurred by the package participants as a result of any of the foregoing causes. The Company reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any of the arrangement contained in the itineraries, to the extend not to conflict with or contrary to any written laws, the aforesaid provision will apply and except to as excluded by any laws in force in those countries the limitations relating to liability and other provisions imposed or implied therein will apply.

    2. In the case where natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services related to transportation, accommodation and other facilities, governmental orders, or other causes that make safe, smooth tour operation impossible, or when there is a valid reason to believe the tour cannot continue. The Company reserves the right to cancel or tour and will refund part of the tour fare after deduction of all the expenses involved to tour members.

    3. In the case of unexpected incidents such as typhoons, rainstorms, flight delay/cancel, natural disasters, political unrest or epidemic, the Company shall not be responsible for any additional costs such as hotel accommodation, transportation fees, long distance telephone charges, as a result from the incidents mentioned above. The Company shall try its best to resolve the situation and client shall continue the alternative tour programme proposed by the Company should there any. Client shall be responsible for all the extra cost incurred.

    4. Should there be a change in the exchange rate of local currency, increases or reductions of fuel surcharge and transport fares, etc, and any other costs involved due to reasons beyond the Company's control, the Company shall change the tour fare accordingly. Client shall pay for the price difference before departure or it will be considered as cancellation of the tour.

    5. If the client deliberately fails to keep the law on defamation in the action or speech or insulting other members and related workers, the tour escort / the company may disqualify the client of any tour and no refund will be made.

    6. Client must conscientiously comply with regulations in all cities and countries. It is forbidden to carry illegal goods.

    7. The Company will not be responsible for any tour member if he/she is refused by the immigration officer at each country upon arrival. No refund will be made in this regard.

    8. The tour fare is dependent on the number of participants, should the number of tour member be changed, the Company reserves the right to change tour fare within the allowable range specified in the tour contract or quotation.

    9. Client should take full responsibility for engaging in such dangerous sports and activities as skydiving, bobsledding, hang-gliding (motor- driven or otherwise), gyro-plane flying, mountain climbing (using such specialized tools as picks), camel / horse riding and others not included in the Company tour. The Company is not liable for any loss or damage of properties or injury due the engagement of these activities, even if the activities are recommended by the Company.

    10. Client is responsible for his or her individual purchases at any shops, which may or may not be recommended by the Company or tour guide, with or without accompaniment of a tour guide or a local land operator. In the course of client’s shopping, the Company and its local land operators will not be liable for any expenses arising from client injury or illness, the return of lost baggage or articles left behind owing to personal negligence, as well as changes incurred by independent activity.

    11. Other matters are subject to the Company's travel contract or quotation, including related tour documents presented separately.

    12. The tour conditions and tour fares specified herein are valid as of 1 April 2014.

    13. The package tours operated by a licensed travel agent are under the protection by the TICF (Travel Industry Compensation Fund). Please make sure that the receipts for the outbound travel service are clearly franked to indicate levy payment equal to 0.15% of the outbound fare paid. Bring along the photocopy of the receipt on the tour and deposit the original receipt at home or with a relative.

    14. As advised by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC), clients are recommended to purchase a travel insurance policy before tour departure, which cover at least emergency evacuation, death and disability. If client refuses to purchase travel insurance, a declaration of not purchasing travel insurance from the client is required. For information about domestic travel insurance, please contact our travel consultant.

    15. According to the Resolution No. 223 “Cancellation of Package Tours for Reasons beyond Control” suggested by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC), should package tours be cancelled because of reasons beyond control, travel agencies may collect cancellation charges and the amount of the handling fee (if any) collected for cancelling package tours (including but not limited to charges by the airlines, cruise companies, and train companies). The actual amount will be subject to the final decision from the transportation companies and a handling charge of HKD500 from the Company. For details of the Resolution No. 223, please visit www.tichk.org.

    16. The company reserves the right to revise above tour terms and condition at any time without prior notice.

    17. Upon reservation of the tour, client confirms to have read and to accept the “Tour Terms and Conditions” stated herein.

    18. Should there be any discrepancy between the Chinese version and English version of the Tour Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version prevails.
Legendary Tang-Tibetan Route
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Tang Dynasty
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Legend of the Good Earth Tour Itineraries
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Silk Road
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We had a most fantastic, enjoyable tiring trip.... the organisation was great... the hotels, guides, food was spot on...the guides keep each other in touch of our likes n "dislikes"... they are really wonderful ... the drivers too. in Xining , Peter met us on arrival but  thereon we had Dorgi as the guide.. ...as you did not have the name of the kashgar guide... his name is Abdul...all the guides we have, have a great sense of humour .. the hotels were up to mark... our favourites were the Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel and the Radisson Blu in Kashgar....as we are rather  adventurous in trying food, the guides were great in introducing the local cuisine ....

By the way, we went to the Geopark  and the Dunhuang Celebration Show and we certainly glad we did as these two places should not be missed.

We will not hesitate in recommending you company.
Ms. Ong
13 Days Silk Road Tour (25 May – 06 June 2018)

We have returned home to Munich from our Silk Road adventure. It was a great trip. We are glad that we had the opportunity to experience the West of China (Tibet, Gansu, Xinjiang) after having lived in the north-east for almost two years.....

We are very pleased with the services of your company. Our guides Amanda Zhu and Mardan Mohemmed were pleasant, curteous, professional and fun to be with. The hotels, transportation and food,  were fine and worked out as planned.
The only point I would re-consider is the choice of train. Since it was only a K-train, it did not get much priority in the clean-up of the delay due to the track flooding in Hami...... So this effectively cost us one entire day.
However,-- having had a private compartment was a great relief in this situation and moreover Amanda was very very helpful via telephone.
Since I work at BMW with continued contact to our chinese Joined Venture in Shenyang I am certainly willing to endorse you and your company among the colleagues (local and expat).

We wish you further success in your busines.

10 Days Silk Road (17 - 26  May 2015)


It was a memorable trip and I really want to thank for all the flexible, thoughtful and fantastic arrangements. All the people I met there were nice and helpful. The cooking course was eye-opening and I really learnt a lot. The visit to Cuisine Cuisine was also amazing. It was my first time to enter a real, professional kitchen. The cultural part of this trip was brilliant. The tour guide knew every story-behind as if he was a master in Chinese history! Though it's just a 4-day trip, I really gained a lot and broadened my horizon.

4-day Beijing Tour, Cook & Savour (29 Dec 2012 - 1 Jan 2013)


We had a fabulous experience in Dunhuang.  We learned that less than 3% of the visitors are American yet more should go to experience the richness of the area. Truthfully, it was The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel website and link to your tours that piqued our interests to visit.  As seasoned, independent travelers who have never utilized a tour company, we were immensely gratefully that we chose you to coordinate our trip to Dunhuang.  The customized 4-day tour with a private driver and English speaking guide allowed us to enjoy the incredible historical sites, vast Gobi desert ventures, fun camel ride and authentic Chinese culture, cuisine and life, which we would never have experienced on our own.  Our guide, Ms Fan, was knowledgeable, compassionate, friendly, and flexible to adapt each day to best suit our interests and desired activities. She was absolutely fantastic, and we give her five stars for her extraordinary skills as a guide. Mr Lee, our driver, was always reliable and a safe driver.  Thank you for employing the best people to serve your clients.  Also a note of acknowledgement for the wonderful stay at The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel.  Our suite was beautifully decorated, the beds were very warm and comfortable, and the staff were always gracious and helpful.  Eric Huang, Assistant Manager, was definitely a key resource person and we appreciated his help.   We dined at the Chinese Restaurant because Western foods we could eat at home.  All the meals were attractively presented and tasted outstanding.  Hot Pot was a favorite dining experience.  We traveled to China solely to visit Dunhuang, to stay 6 days at your hotel, and to take the 4-day personalized tour.  Standing on the roof top cafe to enjoy the sand dunes and walking around the large hotel grounds are memorable experiences.  We were never disappointed, and would highly recommend the hotel and your tour services to others traveling to Dunhuang.  We will definitely share our experiences with family and friends, and hope more travelers will make the journey to Dunhuang.
Again, many thanks to all the fine staff who made our trip memorable.

Eirin and Gregory Hilton
4 Days Dunhuang (21 – 24 October 2012)


 Thanks for following up.  It is much appreciated!
I had such a great time everywhere else so this is a small thing.  The trip was really very well-organised and enjoyable.  I had a very good time and also felt very reassured that you called me every few days.

Ms. Ella Wong
17 Days Silk Road tour (2 - 18 Sep 2012)


Thanks, we all had a great time. Surely I will introduce friends to you as you are very responsible and kind person which I cannot not use (whom I cannot reject to use).

Ms. Violet Tan
14 Days Silk Road tour (29 Aug - 11 Sep 2012)


The guides were all flexible, informative, helpful, had excellent English, and all of them obviously had both a pride in doing their job well, and made us feel they had our interests at heart when it came to dealing with matters that came up along the way.  The food was consistently good, but I was particularly impressed to be given very good quality fresh coffee and fresh croissants in the hotel in Dunhuang [Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel], which I had not expected.

Russ Harding
8 Days Silk Road
14 – 21 Nov 2011

Words fail me adequately to express our thanks and appreciation for the superb arrangements you and The Silk Road Travel Management Company provided for us during the time period of 16-30  October 2010 in Beijing and Shanxi Province.
Thank you many times over.  
The trip arrangements were perfect.  We will fill out your "customer satisfaction" form shortly, but I want very much to let you know a couple of things about the trip in advance of that. (after we get over jet lag)  
 First, I have to tell you that my wife is sometimes semi-disabled by having a severe case of lymphedema after successful cancer surgery.  This means that one of her legs is enlarged by about 40 extra pounds of water weight.  She has to be judicious in the amount of walking she can do at certain times. Otherwise she is in great willingness to travel.  
Thanks to the wonderful arrangements you made for us, she was able to do EVERYTHING! In fact, if her re-recovery from the trip goes as well as we think it might, we will want to be talking to you about a journey to Dunhuang.  But, more about that later.  
I rate the trip 99.999% perfect…
RE:  Lu Song Yuan Bingguan:  We love this hotel.  The staff is very very nice.  The rooms and beds were comfortable, the courtyards were handsome, the other clients were congenial,  and all in all it is --in my opinion-- the best place to stay in Beijing if one wants to have a most comfortable and more authentic Chinese experience.  Thank you so much for having this wonderful property available to serve the traveling public…
Finally, for now, I will conclude with kudos for "Catherine" our Shanxi Province guide.  She was a delight and thoroughly understanding and helpful.  We had a wonderful time with her on the trip, and she must not have minded us too much because on the last day in Shanxi she took us to her family home where her lovely mother had prepared a delicious lunch for us.  What an extra ordinary event that was, and we very much appreciate it.  Mr. Wang the driver also was an excellent practitioner of the art of survival on Chinese roads.  
AGAIN, THANK YOU for your excellent arrangements.  I cannot sing the praises of the Silk Road Company too much.  I am looking forward to writing to you again.  And I will mail the Customer Satisfaction survey form to you in a day or so.  But for now, I want you to know how happy the three of us are to have been in your most capable hands.  
Warren B. Wotton
Beijing & Shanxi (staying at LuSongYuan) (17 - 30 Oct 2010)

Drivers were all are very good. We all loved the Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel. Janny’s planning and organization were excellent. Tour guides’ attitude were very good.
Ms. W. Wan
14 Days Silk Road tour (16-29 Sep 2010)

Tour guide in Wuhan is Mr Cheung who was exceptionally good.  He was well-informed, witty, friendly and hard working.  The Wuhan driver was careful and polite.  They are a good team.
Linda's hard work pays off.  We had a wonderful holiday.  Thank you, Linda.  We also appreciate Linda calls to China to make sure that everything was O.K.
Mrs M Wong & family
7 Days Wuhan - Yangtze Cruise - Chongqing Tour (12 - 18 Jul 2010) 

Good choices were made on tour guides, drivers and hotels.  Excellent follow up by Ms Linda Yau
Mrs Jan Chan & family
7 Days Huangshan & Shanghai Tour (17 - 24 Apr 2010) 

After a fantastic couple of weeks in China we leave for Hong Kong tomorrow.  We have had a great time and the memories will stay with us for a lifetime.
Could you please forward our sincere thanks to our local guides, ZHAO in Beijing, SUSAN in Xian and SISSI in Shanghai who have made our trip so memorable?  They have all been extremely kind and helpful making sure we experienced the local culture and history in each location.
Thank you also for organising the trip and ensuring we had such a great time.
With sincere thanks.
Kevin & Sallie Redmond  

After a fantastic couple of weeks in China we leave for Hong Kong tomorrow.  We have had a great time and the memories will stay with us for a lifetime.
Could you please forward our sincere thanks to our local guides, ZHAO in Beijing, SUSAN in Xian and SISSI in Shanghai who have made our trip so memorable?  They have all been extremely kind and helpful making sure we experienced the local culture and history in each location.
Thank you also for organising the trip and ensuring we had such a great time.
With sincere thanks.
Kevin & Sallie Redmond  

The Titan Times Hotel in Xian is very recommendable. The guide Mary Qu was excellent, her English is outstanding and she is very friendly. The pre-tour briefing was very good.
Ms. T. Lesaffre
24-28 Sep 09

Mr. E. Lam:     高原醫生和各導遊值得嘉許
郭小姐:           安排非常週到
M. Kwok:    Thank Silk Road Travel once again to run such a wonderful trip. Will recommend it to anyone who plans on a trip to China
王先生:           西寧之導遊非常值得嘉許,親切熱情,對青藏之風情非常精煉
Federation of Hong Kong Industries
7 Days Qinghai and Tibet tour (Sep 2008)

First class guides and driver, very good English language.  Explanations were clear. Driver in Gansu Province was terrific, friendly, pleasant and safe.  Hotels were excellent throughout , clean and comfortable, good service. Did a great job catering to vegetarian dietary needs. An excellent itinerary which exceeded our expectations. Seamless throughout. Polly did a brilliant job co-ordinating and also we all appreciated her follow up throughout the trip. Well done!
Ms. M. White & party
18 Days Silk Road Tour (23 Sep – 10 Oct 2007)

Before Departure
A set of travel kit which includes a detailed itinerary, flight schedule, hotel information and contacts will be provided before departure.

Weather conditions vary from place to place in China. Average daily variation is about 12°C in the Silk Road cities. Temperature in certain desert areas may vary up to a maximum of 36°C in one day between noon and midnight. Despite the hot weather, the summer months of June, July, August and September are a popular time to travel when the oasis towns are full of life, flowers are blooming, fruits are in season, and the fragrance of sweet melons and grapes fill the air. Spring and autumn though short and barely noticeable, are a comfortable season to travel too. Winter is cold but offers a different perspective in scenery.
Light cotton dresses, sunglasses and a hat to guard against sunburn for the summer. Wool and fleece layers, topped with a down jacket with wind-breaking shell, scarves, gloves, hats and woolen socks for the winter.Wear layers that can be added on or discarded as weather changes. Comfortable rubber-soled shoes are recommended.
“Culture Hotel” is our hotel brand that aims to bring to you a unique hotel concept. Each hotel blends in with local architectural style and décor to preserve the indigenous flavour of the region. During your trip, you may have a chance to stay at one of below distinctive hotels that have character and soul:
Beijing  : Lusongyuan Hotel
Dunhuang : The Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel
Shaoxing : Baicao Hermitage
Suzhou : Pingjiang Lodge
Tunxi : Tunxi Lodge
Xidi : Xidi Travel Lodge

Food & Beverages
Hotels in China usually offer buffet breakfast or continental breakfast. You may bring some snacks along with you for the trip. Avoid drinking tap water and eating cold dishes or beverages at the street market. Drink only bottled water and well cooked food during the trip.  
The most efficient and comfortable way to travel is by air. Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines and Hainan Airlines operate regular flights along the Silk Road cities using aircraft models Boeing 707, 737, 757 and Airbus A320. In addition, the Lanzhou - Urumqi Railway line operates train service along the Silk Road. For the more adventurous travellers who prefer to trace the footprints of Marco Polo, they can consider entering China by road through the Khunjerab Pass from Pakistan on the KarokoramHighway, or by the International Railway from Moscow to Urumqi.
China Visa & Travel Document
Most of the overseas passport holders are required to apply for a China Visa to enter China. Please check with your local Chinese embassy for visa application.   To visit Tibet, all overseas passport holders are required to apply for a special permit. Please allow at least 14 working days to apply for the Tibet Permit.   Remember to check if your passport is valid for at least 6 months’ before your departure date.
There are two service systems for China Cell Phone – GSM and CDMA. China Mobile's feature is the GSM system, while China Unicom the CDMA system. Cell phone network covers most provinces in China except that transmission may sometimes be interrupted in certain desert areas. Most hotels have IDD lines where you can make IDD calls in your room. Internet access is available at the business centre of most hotels.
The currency is called Chinese Yuan (CNY), which is also known as Renminbi (RMB) locally.  International credits cards like Visa and Master are accepted by hotels in the major cities. US Dollar Travellers Cheques are acceptable for money exchange in most hotels.

Health information for Travelling Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
With an elevation ranging from 3,660 meters to 5,500 meters above sea level, the air pressure of most of the region in Tibet is relatively low. For those who visit plateau for the first time may suffer from different levels of high altitude sickness such as headache, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. One should avoid vigorous activities on the plateau and dress properly to keep warm. Normally, the symptoms will be relieved or disappear gradually after 2 to 3 days. Get restful sleep to maintain good health, take more deep breath and keep your walking speed slow upon arrival. If you are constantly not feeling well, please go to the nearest hospital or return to a low altitude place to rest.  Our itineraries are designed to ascend gradually from relatively low altitude spots such as Xining in Qinghai (2,200 to 3,200 meters) so that travelers can acclimatize to high altitude environment gradually.

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